The following functions are implemented in our online wallet: account replenishment, sending to users within the community, withdrawing to external wallets, viewing your transactions.

Everything actions is available only to registred Users.

Your balance

Your deposit

Internal transfers BUGO to users*

Your external withdraw**

Your transactions - miniexplorer

*need e-mail confirmation, write the username of the user of this portal, for internal interest-free shipping.
**need e-mail confirmation, write the wallet address on your computer or other network site, if you write the internal address of the user of this portal, do not fill in the “Destination address label” otherwise the output will not pass!

All I / o operations are performed after 10 confirmations in the BUGO blockchain, for about half an hour. Mail confirmation of the operation comes within 5 minutes.

 Disclaimer: The project is under development, so all operations are carried out for informational purposes, in case of loss of your funds due to technical failure or intruders, we are not responsible for them.